Terespolska 33, 08-110 Siedlce, Poland tel./fax: (+48) 25 644-03-74,
fax: (+48) 25 640-73-65, E-mail: biuro@frezdrom.pl

About us

FREZDROM company was founded in 1997. Currently, the company headquarter is located in Siedlce Terespolska Street No 33. We work on the construction market and offer milling services on cold surface of the asphalt concrete and concrete. Initially the machines were rented from companies in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Progressively we have bought ours. Currently, there are 4 milling machines WIRTGEN W2000 in our machine park (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010- year of production), 1 milling machine WIRTGEN W 100F (2011), 2 WIRTGEN W200 (2010,2011), 1 WIRTGEN W210 (2011), 8 sets of low-loading to transport the above-mentioned milling machines GOLDHOFER including the VOLVO tractor. All machine operators have the necessary qualifications to operate them which increases efficiency and safety, and quality of service.

Our location (near Warsaw), gives us great opportunities and facilitates using the equipment due to the fact that roadworks in Warsaw are also performed at the weekends. Since 2002 our company belongs to POLISH CHAMBER OF COMMERCE ROAD.

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